[ Fairs 2012]

In 2012 we will welcome you at the following fairs:

21 - 23 March 2012: ENER EXPO in Hanoi, Vietnam, Salon II
18 - 22 September 2012: HUSUM WindEnergy Husum, Germany, Stand 3E16

We hope to welcome you at our stand to inform you about our product family, the gearless wind turbine generators AV 928 – 2.5 MW and AV 1010 – 2.3 MW.

[AVANTIS' Trip in Mekong Region - Ca Mau, Soc Trang, Tra Vinh, Ben Tre ]

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In September 2011, AVANTIS received an order to deliver the AV928 for 3 Wind farms in Vietnam. The projects are located in South and East Vietnam and will be realized in 2012 and 2013.

[ AV 928 now running full speed ]

After being installed earlier, the prototype of the AV 928 made good use of the typhoon season in Southern China and started to supply its immense power into the Beihai city network.

[ Husum Fair 2010]
These photos of the event will sure bring us lots of good memories:

[EnerExpo 2010]
Here are some pictures of the event :

[Eolica Rome 2009]
A few of the pictures taken at the event are to be shared here:

[ Hannover Fair ]

Here are some shots captured the excitement from the 2009 Hannover Exhibition.

This year, AVANTIS will officially introduce itself to the public. We take part in the Husum Wind Fair, which this year takes place at Hannover, as part of the Hannover Messe, still the biggest industrial fair of the world. AVANTIS can be found in the middle of the „Wind Hall“ 27, with a 300 m² stand, at G31. While a full model was not yet available for the Fair, we will exhibit five models of the AV 928 and also show our first wind farms to the interest visitors. For tickets, get in touch with info@avantis-energy.com. See you soon!

[ Prototype ]

After everything has been manufactured and finally tested, the AV 928 is now prepared for the final erection and prototype testing.

[ Generator being tested ]

Mid of March 2009, „Pauli“, the 2.5 MW permanent magnet generator used in the AVANTIS turbines, was finally tested in Ulsan, Korea. The generator uses N35UH type magnets, which cover over 95% of the rotor surface (other manufacturers typically have a coverage of 65% or so), was tested back-to-back, one generator running as motor, in overdrive, in order to deliver the full torque to the other one, which ran as generator.

The test results were more than promising. The mechanical losses amounted to only one quarter of the expected value, and Pauli already reached an efficiency of 92% even at 6 rpm (with 116 kW). Up to 1.000 kW, no cooling was required; and up to 1.290 kW, the system can still run with only one of the two IGBT converters. Under partial load, the efficiency reached 97%, and at full load, 2.860 kW were reached, at 95% efficiency. This promises a very exciting power curve for a turbine with only 2.5 MW rated power, and excellent returns for investors. Great thanks to Dieter Rupprich for this excellent achievement!

The ABB IGBT converter was also tested simultaneously, with excellent results: It survived a faulty shut-off without any problems. Congratulations to our finish colleagues.

[ Colani determined to stay in Beihai ]

Recently, Luigi Colani, the world famous designer of everything from household equipments up to airplanes, Ferraris, and the Shinkansen train, decided to extend his stay in Beihai. Colani, who is now 81 years old, will not only further assist GYAW and AVANTIS to manufacture and improve on the wind turbine aesthetics, but has also some other new gigantic plans on his sleeves.